Wednesday, 21 April 2010

a good morning in the studio with my usual companion! Session went well ... new blocks surprisingly easy to ink,normally they grab on to the ink and take forever to wipe but with the sun shining on to the ink it was beautifully soft! So different to frosty printmaking sessions when wiping the ink is like removing tar!!!Hoping they will dry in time for painting tomorrow. Took my time as standing tough on the back but while sitting with coffee and dog in the sun could nt help thinking...not a bad life!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

at last getting on with new blocks!

finished drawing out, cutting and sealing new blocks for the country zoo exhibition at Crooked House Lavenham. The small blocks will all be put in same frame to make one large story print.The owl is a new departure from hares,bitterns and cormorants but the magical element of the barn owl goes really well with the old timbered buildings in Lavenham that are so full of character and stories waiting to be found out ! One last coat of button polish needed ready for printing tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

getting stuck in to technology jobs!

amazing what getting stuck on the sofa can force you to get on with!!!
Im at last getting around to putting an illustrated catalogue together which I will be able to send out to customers,galleries etc AND setting up the new artist printmaker website AND doing a blog....all at the same time! Im impressed with myself!

still stuck on the sofa!!!!

looks like Im going to be doing very little for a while ....not good as I have two mixed shows to deliver for at the end of this month and still several blocks to make and prints to make and paint agh!!! working on images for
COUNTRY ZOO at crooked house Lavenham and NORWICH PRINT FAIR(on tour) at Wmondham arts centre...have this idea to make multi block images of walks, journeys in a specific area....rather like the blocks I trialled at my joint show with Tony Osler at Southwold Gallery in February as in this image!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

stuck on the sofa!

have at last got round to setting up a blog....have no choice but to be stuck on the sofa with a bad it seemed a constructive use of time!