Tuesday, 20 April 2010

at last getting on with new blocks!

finished drawing out, cutting and sealing new blocks for the country zoo exhibition at Crooked House Lavenham. The small blocks will all be put in same frame to make one large story print.The owl is a new departure from hares,bitterns and cormorants but the magical element of the barn owl goes really well with the old timbered buildings in Lavenham that are so full of character and stories waiting to be found out ! One last coat of button polish needed ready for printing tomorrow.


  1. Hello Mandy, Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's great to come over and see your beautiful work. I love your collographs - they are so beautiful and detailed. Very inspirational. What is button polish ? Is that what we Aussies call shellac ? I will add your blog to my reader and look forward to your posts. Cheers Mandy, Jo (in Tasmania)

  2. thanks for lovely comments Jo .I always wanted to do etching because of the detail that is possible but unfortunately do not have room in my studio for all the necessary equipment but Ive found I can get quite a lot of detail by cutting with a scalpel.Also begun using plastic for the small multi block drypoints . button polish is sold as such in this country but I think its probably a shellac.I have heard its called button p. because it was used on uniform buttons...could be a myth!!!look forward to hearing from you again!