Saturday, 17 July 2010

handmade in uk

just found this excellent site called handmade in uk  with its own magazine full of inspiring stories and info .Incredible the amount of information that is available online,just need time to absorb and decide which routes might work for me in particular and etsy look definite possibilities...any advice /experiences to share would be gratefully accepted!!!!

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  1. I've used etsy for a while. It's really easy to use and reasonable to list things, but I am thinking of switching to folksy. I think there's a bit more of a sense of (UK) community on there, plus stuff gets a bit lost on etsy because there's just so much to trawl through to find what you're looking for. I know a lot of etsy users (buyers and sellers) are getting frustrated by all the non-handmade/poor quality items that seem to be slipping through the net at etsy lately too. I'm sure you would do really well on either site though - your work is lovely!