Sunday, 2 January 2011

the daily footprint-day 2

a collection of trees!
another resolution is to record  and treasure the beautiful trees in my area...both as a resource (I'm planning lots of woodland hare prints) but also because I am very aware of their  fragile nature...two recently had to be felled because they had rotted inside. ( the remnants of one can be seen in the top pic)
so here are my images for day 2 !


  1. a great resolution Mandy, happy new year!

  2. Hi Mandy

    I finally got to see some of your wonderful work at the Crooked House Gallery. We made a special trip, and it was open this time... Hurrah!

    I have been banging on about your work for some time, so much so that yesterday he caved in, and he enjoyed visiting the gallery as much as I did.

    Love your new posts, the woodland prints sound a wonderful idea.

    ~ Julie