Tuesday, 25 January 2011

every now and then footprint!..exciting news!

Ihave just received a copy of this new excellent printmaking book full of inspirational work and advice.BUT also I am chuffed to bits to have been included as an example at the back of the book!!! You can see a very poor reproduction of my page below.(Apologies for the poor photograph!)
There is also an excellent page on Rita Kearton and her lovely work ( fellow Norwich Print Fairite !) well worth a look ,as always!


  1. how fab! and how i would love a major george press (i presume there is a connection with the author!)

  2. Many congratulations Mandy- I'm in awe of any body who produces Collagraphs, not easy- and all that inking too!

  3. Oh, that's wonderful, congratulations!

    Looks like a book I'll have to put on my wish list :)