Saturday, 1 January 2011

The New Year is here!

Happy New Year to everyone who finds me here!
Let me introduce you to one of my New Year's resolutions (one of many!!!) which I will try my hardest to keep...
the daily footprint
this will be a photo/image/ words /thought or something that has caught my eye during the day...
so here is no.1 !

this is a ford that crosses the lane where I walk the dog . It always makes me smile to see the markers up to 6ft ! Would love to see it that deep ...but then if it was I would be under water and so would most of Suffolk I would imagine!!!


  1. Happy New Year Mandy!

    Here's to a creative 2011 and lots of lovely walks too. What a diverse county we live in, it's lovely to follow what you're doing over there on the coast.

    Waving from here in the SW corner of Suffolk

  2. Happy New Year, Mandy!

    Here's to a wonderful New Year! Look forward to seeing The Daily Footprint :)


  3. lovely messages ! Thanks folks!