Monday, 28 February 2011

 I have posted an album of a selection of images from my current exhibition at the Crooked House Gallery in Lavenham. Two have already been purchased to find a home in the USA which is excellent news!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

another woodland hares !

Crooked House images taking shape!

Have been beavering away and at last the new images are almost finished....a few alterations still to make and some new prints still remaining ! The observant among you will notice I'm cultivating a mix and match approach ! Only by accident...the hares and moon top blocks were initially designed for the Lavenham street (left) but it seems to work really well with the Spring hares block too! The other three seasons are still in the painting ! I'm going to take some of the branches out of the woodland tree moon,too fussy !

Friday, 11 February 2011

Agood days painting !

painting and painting and more painting ! added the final touches to the spring celebration print of yesterdayand then got busy painting parts of several staying power today ! Here is one of the new blocks,loosely modelled on a tree of life. Really pleased with the sky washes that seem to have quite a lot of atmosphere and depth to them.
 The inspiration behind this was also an area on my daily walk where you are surrounded by tall oak trees and the bird song at the moment is incredible ! Sometimes my work seems to be heading very strongly towards the old ladybird book /railway poster kind of illustrations !!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

as the sage Peter Polaine says"smooth seas does not a good sailor make" or choppy seas in the studio !!!

The every now and then footprint is getting a bit lost along the way !
Really busy at the moment getting work together, lots of new blocks !
 I seem to be getting into a phase of working small and detailed,strange how you get into different ways of working, lots of detail not  that easy when you 're carving into card blocks but they seem to be ok. Yet again fell into the old mistake of trying to print too soon and the damp paper stuck to a still tacky block...will I ever learn ! I am not sure whether it was the button polish at fault or whether it could be that there was just too much  texture acrylic medium on the block which gripped on to the damp paper. Eventually a good printing session was had and the prints are now in the process of being painted !
The first one that is almost completed is shown below....

 blocks inked and ready for printing

 the almost complete first painted  print !