Sunday, 6 March 2011

busy busy busy paperwork makes Mandy a dull girl !

Sorry for not posting for a little while! I've been busy re-doing my website,establishing a facebook page  and various paperwork jobs etc which are still not finished and are hanging over me, together with two virtually empty online stores , like a big  black cloud!!! Especially as Spring has sprung and the outdoors beckons ! There must be an answer to all this ! I'd be glad to hear from fellow arts/crafts people for any tips you'd like to share!!! So all in all I am desperate to get on with some new blocks and get creating again! Perhaps I need a secretary and a cleaner and a ......!
Here is a link to the updated (almost) website
Hope you like the image...It's called "time is only the rising of the moon and the setting of the sun".....quite apt really !!!
look forward to hearing your gems of wisdom!


  1. Lovely work as usual Mandy,
    like the format too...
    is that a tryptich in the making?

  2. Hi Mandy, i know exactly how you feel. I really struggle to manage it all, plus the added problem of working from home and being distracted by the numerous jobs building up here!
    I'm not quite sure what the answer is, i keeping saying that i'll set myself a weekly schedule, but to be honest, i can't see myself sticking to it in reality.
    I'm really sorry i can't offer any practical advice, only you could take consolidation that i have the same problem too!
    I love the new print-everything about it is perfect, the colours, proportion, really lovely,

    Amanda x

  3. Mandy I love this image and congratulations on the facebook page. I too struggle to do 'everything' - as necessarry as the online life is to my business it just sucks up so much time in trying to do everything - I am always amazed at how little time can be left to actually make art.

  4. Hi Mandy, Yes, time is of the essence.... I always seem to dilly dally along then have these mad rushes to meet deadlines !! I need a time management fairy..... and a house cleaner wouldn't go astray either !!! I've just chased a rabbit out of the garden and thought of your lovely prints and how much I appreciate rabbits so much more now after following your work. I must read Watership

  5. Down again one of these days. All the best Mandy. Jo

  6. thanks everyone for your replies. Good to know we're all battling the same monsters!!! I think half the problem is that creativity and organisation do not really go together, that left hand/right hand side of the brain stuff . Still If I had to choose what type of person to be it would be creative every time...and I bet you're the same as me !!!!!x

  7. Another one battling with the two sides of life here! This year I decided to get myself a page a day diary and have divided each day up into two sections - one for appointments and the other for "things that must get done today". So far, it's actually working... famous last words *big grin*

  8. have done something very similar with one omission.....didnt achieve the ..."its actually working" bit ! Big grin indeed !!!! How are you getting on?

  9. I adore this post and feel so much better as my own printmaking blog has been a lot more about excuses that get in the way of printing than printing itself! Love your bunnies.