Monday, 11 April 2011

have been busy today getting work ready for Southwold gallery. It has been a real battle of wills as the weather has been so glorious and being outside was a constant temptation ! Also I really want to make some new blocks but have deadlines to meet ! The Blythburgh hares image took a long time to get right and involved more and more washes to get the texture of the hares just how I wanted them. Images like this make me wonder....has this become a mixed media piece rather than a collagraph with hand colouring ? If so should it still have an edition number ? Hey ho ! Another day tomorrow!

PS I did allow myself a long walk with the chocolate companion ! The woods around our local common are just too hard to resist !


  1. Stunning work, as always, Mandy, I'm always blown away by your art.

    So glad you managed to get some time out in this glorious weather with your chocolate companion too :)

  2. Are the bluebells out?

    Beautiful image - I love the landscape behind the hares and around the church - you've caught the subtle colours and textures perfectly.


  3. no still in the green at the moment .Don't think it will be long though! Certainly primroses beginning to flop in places. Thankyou both for the lovely comments.

  4. Hi Mandy, it's so difficult being stuck indoors when we've had such beautiful weather ! The Hares are beautiful, really love those beautiful muted browns against the blue. : )