Tuesday, 17 May 2011

head down day today ! Finished the bittern print which has been a real trial !
This will be on its way to the Haddenham Gallery near Ely shortly as part of the coast exhibition .
I have now permanently moved my painting things into my "garden" studio for the Summer. It sounds very grand but in reality it's minute, a converted coal house and outside loo ! More than half of it is taken up by my press ! My studio companion has adopted my practice of finding alternative uses for things as you can see below !
A new use for my water tray ,stored under the press !(Thankfully empty !)
The garden is looking good, here are my favourites of the moment !


  1. I love the glint in the eye of the bittern - great work. At least your dog is tucked out of the way, mine likes to be under my feet.

  2. ha ha ! my feet are not that far away ! Nothing better than bare feet rubbing along a dog's back !!!

  3. Greetings! I just came across your blog and I love your work. The off-kilter perspectives are really fun and lively (like in "Crooked Houses" and the print at the top of the blog) and the animals are full of character. Nice to see you have a dog in your studio. And speaking from a dog's perspective, there's nothing nicer than having bare feet rub our bellies.