Saturday, 18 June 2011

having fun with a drypoint ...and a few musings !

I've been really busy painting up prints etc just recently so decided to award myself a few days off to fiddle and also to make those new blocks that have been niggling away in my head !
So basically I've had a really good few days ...always amazes me how ideas for new work come buzzing the more ideas you think of...puts you in a creative state of mind ! (sounds like a new song title !)
Also ,at the end of next week I have a stall at a local food and craft street market and I was thinking I could do with a new ,easily affordable range of work (totally different to my normal ,extremely time intensive  and hence more expensive, collagraphs) for these kind of situations and also to sell online.
I have, therefore ,been having lots of fun with very simple drypoints...a real treat and a release from the endless elbow grease of collagraphs !
And here are the results...still to be finished...

I think this might be the finished style of my dabble in gift tags ! Ribbon or rafia ? Not sure !!!!


  1. Really lovely gift tags Mandy! What do they look like with ribbon? Lesley

  2. beautiful tags. how about using black and white twisty twine?

  3. thanks for the suggestions,will have an experiment and post results !!!