Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Off to the Seapictures Gallery,Clare !

 A new selection of work delivered to the Seapictures Gallery in the lovely village of Clare ,Suffolk. Hopefully they will go well as the last delivery all sold in the first week !!! ( I f only life was always like that !)
It is like a "sweet shop" for me as it's full of inspiring maritime work in all different forms and styles...including some very interesting contemporary work. If you are ever in the area have a look as the village also has some excellent places to eat and a wonderful Aladdin's cave of an antique cum junk store !!!!


  1. beautiful prints mandy i love the fish in the sea, i'm sure these will sell just as fast.

  2. You never cease to inspire me. Are you going to have open studio's this year? I'd love to visit your studio and share a cup of tea.. I'll bring the cake. Julie