Saturday, 2 July 2011

and then there was one !!!

Well, a day of drama !
I have got to know the matriarch of this family so well that she now picks up mealworms as I drop them at my feet . Today she has balanced more and more precariously on top of the four bundles busily flexing their wings and it soon became obvious today was the day !!!

So, all of a sudden with much clattering into fences ,windows etc they were out much to the dogs amusement and frustration as I managed to stop her from having blackbird as a snack ! That is all but one who is still sitting tight and seems to be perfectly happy ! Here's hoping all will be safe during the night !

Staying put ! A good option !

Friday, 1 July 2011

new arrivals !

I'm afraid I've been rather lax of late at keeping up this oracle ! Many reasons...getting on with lots of work but also some new arrivals that have become  a great distraction !
So please welcome to the world not four and twenty  but definitely four new blackbirds that have been raised just outside our kitchen window.
A real honour !
I like to think these are a second brood of a pair who nested unsuccessfully in the arms of a mannequin lady nestled in the bushes at the bottom of our garden (Sounds weird I know ! It was given to me one day by a friend who had bought it on a whim at a local auction and I was the only person he could think of who might like it !!! Probably because it was decked out as a mermaid !)
This brood reached a good size until the nest started collapsing .The adults watched as I kept putting the young back into the nest and worse to come a sparrowhawk polished off each one !

So I like to think this pair trusted me enough to raise their next brood close where I could keep an eye on them !
Pure fancy I know !