Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy new year !

You might think this is a strange heading but a hang up from many years of teaching in a previous existence means that I cannot help but see each September as a new beginning !!!
I've been thinking for some time now how to manage this online "me".... I am  a twitter(or should I say twit),facebook(twice) and blogger person but never seem to be able to keep up with it all so do it badly ! Hence the gaps between posts on here !
So decisions made so far....
my blog ie. here... will be an ongoing account about everything that grabs my attention,great skies,interesting exhibitions,observations on life......
facebook 'like' page .....purely print etc business
facebook 'normal'(!) ....links to here etc and printmaking /craft news,good links etc
twitter,chatter,support etc etc

what do you think? How do you manage all this online lark ?!!!! Still seems muddly but hopefully will make sense eventually !
So happy new year to all my online friends and fellow printmakers,arty folk !!!
Here's to a really successful year for us all !