Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy new year !

You might think this is a strange heading but a hang up from many years of teaching in a previous existence means that I cannot help but see each September as a new beginning !!!
I've been thinking for some time now how to manage this online "me".... I am  a twitter(or should I say twit),facebook(twice) and blogger person but never seem to be able to keep up with it all so do it badly ! Hence the gaps between posts on here !
So decisions made so far....
my blog ie. here... will be an ongoing account about everything that grabs my attention,great skies,interesting exhibitions,observations on life......
facebook 'like' page .....purely print etc business
facebook 'normal'(!) ....links to here etc and printmaking /craft news,good links etc
twitter,chatter,support etc etc

what do you think? How do you manage all this online lark ?!!!! Still seems muddly but hopefully will make sense eventually !
So happy new year to all my online friends and fellow printmakers,arty folk !!!
Here's to a really successful year for us all !


  1. I'm the same as you, Mandy - blog, facebook twice( printmaker and personal), twitter (just started, I'm not sure why....)
    It all gets very complicated, and not helpful sometimes when you should be in the studio and not on the computer.
    Love the blog by the way!

  2. HNY Mandy:)
    I look forward to your future blog posts, whatever the topic!

  3. I think I'm finally coming to a solution with all my online "homes" - I ditched Facebook a while back because I just didn't like it, and that certainly made things easier! Now I'm just trying to keep it at the wordpress blog and my Twitter account - I've decided I don't need to be in every place going - made such a difference!

    And a happy new year to you, too ;) Here's to a successful year to us all!

  4. Me too!

    My Web Page = straightforward business info/portfolio/news

    Blog = diary of in & around my studio, inspirations, my garden, walks. And I've discovered I really enjoy writing it.

    Etsy = web shop for selling my cards and small printed items (not the original linocuts) I don't have time for doing much 'liking' shops etc but occasionally have a little browse.

    Facebook (normal account) = purely necessary so I can be administrator of my FB page. I have a handful of 'friends' who I really do know and neither do I ask to be anyone's FB friend.

    Facebook Page = for business - news, links to to my blog and web page new posts, links to gallery web pages. Didn't like FB at first but FB has resulted in at least 2 significant new customers who would not have found my work any other way! So I've decided to stick with it as I now have over 150 'likers'.

    Twitter - For publicising links to my web site and blog, promoting new work. Has been great for getting to know suppliers, local small businesses, and finding out about what's going on in the outside world in general!

    Having said all that - I'm thinking of taking a month off all social network stuff... and then return all refreshed!

    Happy New Year!

  5. thanks for all your's been really useful ! One thing is for sure without all this social network malarky I wouldn't have got to know lots of lovely creative folk like you !

  6. I only have a blog, website and email account ... anything else would drive me crazy! Saw your stuff at the Norwich Print Fair on Saturday - lovely! All your cards had gone ... which must be good!

  7. Hi Mandy

    Hope you had a good time in Norwich.. Plenty of sales.

    Just wanted to say thank you once again for your help and advice and for making us feel so welcome, also for introducing me to your lovely printmaking friends.

    We had such a good day at the print fair, fantastic prints and an amazing group of printmakers.. We loved it.

    By the way, the CD worked, picture on my blog.

  8. Knock! Knock! Are you still there, hope that everything is OK. ~ Julie