Monday, 28 November 2011

Happy Monday !

Hectic weekend with my stall at The Cut Halesworth. Loads of lovely stalls selling everything from lamps made out of old gas pipes ,beautiful ceramics, lots of vintage and textiles and of course a good smattering of artists. The nice thing about doing such events is that you actually get to meet your buyers and admiring non-buyers ! Something I really miss when supplying galleries....although there are obvious advantages too ! I had a real selection of prints from mini drypoints to the big prints and of course lots of the Christmas cards !!!
So after all the craziness of getting everything ready ands a hectic day I started the week very weary in a house that looked like a bomb had hit it but what a beautiful Winter morning it was !
So ...a bowl of porridge and a frosty dog walk does Mandy a very happy Monday make !!!! How was Monday for you?


  1. Hi Mandy..

    Your Christmas prints are adorable and your little dog.. Aah.. So cute..

    My Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday... Busy getting ready for the weekends sales X 2 don't know how I'm fitting both in but hey!

  2. I think that bomb has gone off in my studio too!!!
    But as you say, a market is a good tonic despite the hard work.
    Now for a week of tidying up and paperwork.

  3. It's lovely to know we're all beavering away together .....and getting in muddles together too ! Feels lovely to be in orderly surroundings again even if it is only on the surface ! I'm ordering that book you recommend Julie ,the one called "I'd rather be in the studio" Hopefully this time next year I shall have turned over a new leaf if !!! Areodynamic pigs come to mind ! Has anyone ever done one of those courses? Celia your stall looked amazing ...very impressed !

  4. Mandy: I hope you like my book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio. I've enjoyed looking at your work here.

    Julie: Thanks for the recommendation!