Monday, 9 July 2012

A very quick look at what turned out to be a catch up week.
Still a little more to do....looking on the bright side !

I have several orders which I really must complete.....can you guess which brown mut  the dog is based on ? Yes,the resident studio hearth rug ! Looking very grand below. This pic was taken while on holiday at Iona ...oh to be there soon ! This print called "come home soon"is for the lovely Ellen, an Open Studio visitor.

The "watching hare" below is an order from my website. I have to say I am so chuffed with the eye! I find "eyes" have a mind of their own ! (Apologies is late and I am aware I am rambling !)

and finally the Wells print, a 50th birthday present ! Good to be crossing things off my "to do" list ...3 more to go !
The Boxing hares print at the top is a tiny drypoint ,also in the Bungay Festival exhibition.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today was " delivery day" to the lovely Cork Brick Gallery in Bungay, Norfolk. If ever you are in this neck of the woods Bungay is really worth a visit ! Especially Earsham Street where you will find a great mix of shops ...antique,flower,interior,art materials,restaurants and much more! Here you will find Cork Brick filled top to bottom with gorgeous antiques and a wonderful selection of art as you can see ! At the moment there is an excellent show by the Sudbourne Printmakers( several of Norwich Print Fair fame !)

There is also a selection of work from gallery artists such as Dee Nickerson ,Georgina Warne, Nicola Slattery and Tessa Newcomb to mention just a few of my personal favourites ! Every corner is full of interesting things to see and Ken,the gallery owner,(he of the striking shirt below!)will always give you a very,very warm welcome! 


The next exhibition will be for the Bungay Festival and is called "Inspired by Bungay". It opens this coming weekend.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The latest ink/watercolour painting. It is of Bungay in Suffolk and shortly to be included in the Bungay Festival exhibition at the lovely Cork Brick gallery. The drawing took a long time....the painting was really mixing colour on the paper !

 Well, I can't believe I have ignored my blog for so long! Most definitely not the thing to do! But, I have been very busy just lately getting to grips with a new project that has been travelling round and round in my grey matter for a long time ! Finally, it is now taking shape  as you can see from the label above! I can't tell you how many hours and hours it took to sort,colour,font etc ....and I mastered (sort of on a good day!) photoshop !!!
 So welcome to the Dawdling Day ! Just what I needed to let my imagination run riot ! The work begins as an ink and watercolour original painting which is framed for gallery/ exhibition. The images are also reproduced as very high quality canvas and giclee prints which I will sell direct online and at art fairs etc. My long term goal is to have images from all over the British of course my treasured Isle of Mull will feature!
As I hoped having a break from printmaking has renewed my enthusiasm so lots of new images are brewing in the grey matter! (My grey matter is always too busy ...which is why I forget so much !)
But, I will remember my blog from now on ! Promise !