Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today was " delivery day" to the lovely Cork Brick Gallery in Bungay, Norfolk. www.corkbrickgallery.co.uk If ever you are in this neck of the woods Bungay is really worth a visit ! Especially Earsham Street where you will find a great mix of shops ...antique,flower,interior,art materials,restaurants and much more! Here you will find Cork Brick filled top to bottom with gorgeous antiques and a wonderful selection of art as you can see ! At the moment there is an excellent show by the Sudbourne Printmakers( several of Norwich Print Fair fame !)

There is also a selection of work from gallery artists such as Dee Nickerson ,Georgina Warne, Nicola Slattery and Tessa Newcomb to mention just a few of my personal favourites ! Every corner is full of interesting things to see and Ken,the gallery owner,(he of the striking shirt below!)will always give you a very,very warm welcome! 


The next exhibition will be for the Bungay Festival and is called "Inspired by Bungay". It opens this coming weekend.

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