Saturday, 29 December 2012

 Today was a day to blow the cobwebs of the old year away with a blustery walk along the prom at Southwold. It was one of those days I like the best ...a boiling rolling sea, a wind in the true Suffolk tradition (the sort that goes through rather than around you), good coffee and good company! A trip to the prom wouldn't be complete without a visit to the pier and a quick polish of the memorial plaque to my Dad. This kind of day would have been his kind of day, hopefully he was with us enjoying the rolling seas too.
It has been a lovely holiday break and now I'm itching to get on with the new print block ideas that have been going round and round in the old grey matter. My first  show in 2013 will be at the Forum in Norwich on the 20th January with The Norwich Print has suddenly dawned on me that is not too long away !!!


  1. I love southwold and know exactly what you mean about a wind that goes through you! Have a good new year and 2013

  2. Hello Mandy,
    I was in Southwold just a couple of days ago for my birthday. It is a lovely bit of coastline and I love walking there as there are so many families enjoying the fresh air with their dogs. Walking through town however I noticed that the mood there was different in some way. haven't yet put my finger on it though.
    Hope you have a great 2013 x

    1. Hope it will be a good one in lots of ways for us all! (Enjoyed the walk on your blog...good idea!)

  3. Agree with you there Antonella. Have a lovely 2013 !