Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wishing you all a happy, content and wonderful 2014 !
A New Years Resolution......to visit here more often!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

International Book Week

It's International Book Week. The closest book, turn to page 52, post the fifth sentence in your status, without the title. Copy and post the rules.

unbelievably when I picked up the book it opened at page 52 and the sentence is even more apt !!!!

"The aim is to work with someone whose honesty you can count on and whose opinions you value"

look forward to reading yours!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

a gift token...yes or no?!!!

Busy working on a commission this week. A few months ago I was asked to provide a gift token for someone to give as a special gift and this is the result! The customer has a cottage on the seafront at Southwold so I was asked to include this and a few of her favourite buildings including The Lord Nelson PH and the lighthouse. I hope she will be pleased with the result. Gift tokens are something I have never really considered but the more I think about it the more I think what a lovely idea! There are many artists I would be very pleased to select work from in exchange for a gift token! So perhaps it is time to consider launching the gift token again in time for Christmas....what do you think?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Here is the article from the East Anglian Times...excuse the embarrassed silly grins!!! I hope you can read it. I have tried to find ways of uploading the pdf file to no avail and have had to make do with a jpeg copy.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

 Thought I would give you a peek at what's been keeping me busy lately. Every now and then I have a 'small pic phase', sometimes print sometimes paint. I have been 'float-mounting these as  shown above and I'm rather pleased with them . They will be soon heading to Southwold Gallery
apart from the one above which is already on show in the wonderful Naze Tower in Walton on the Naze. www.nazetower.co.uk. One of the most unique gallery spaces ever......or do you know different?!!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Going round in circles and meeting myself round the corner!Or lacking a sense of direction!!!
It's been a strange old time. There are times when I adore beavering away in the studio, sending work off to galleries, quite happy with the dog and Radio 4 for company during the day. Sometimes,however, I think it would be so nice to actually deal with the exhibition and sale of my work myself....to actually be able to put  a face to those lovely people who choose to buy my work or to have long interesting conversations with other creative folk. Twitter and facebook sometimes help with the latter but there are times when I would love to share a studio space, to have a combined workshop gallery so folk could wander in or perhaps belong to a cooperative gallery. Would I then crave my own company? I think the answer, as with everything is a bit of both !
I wonder how other folk deal with this conundrum? I would love to hear your thoughts!
My answer so far has been to have the odd stall at local street fairs etc where I sell my giclee prints , cards etc.  The last being the Adnams Midsummer fayre in Southwold.... but...every time it has either rained , snowed, blown a gale or  as on Saturday  a lot of rain and wind! I have stood and shivered and mopped and wiped and thought THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!
I  am generally a very positive,'get-on-and-deal-with' type of person but I find myself in a bit of a doldrum trying out different ideas for working, making , selling but going round and round in circles....Hey Ho!
BUT...one thing I am going to do is blog! Have a lovely week !

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My work today!

Every now and then I have the urge to visit old blocks that have been sitting on the shelf for a while . It's a bit like visiting old friends.The Midnight Fisher was an early block that I am very fond of . Every time I paint it the cormorant seems to have a different character. This one seems a kind old soul...just what I need on a miserable January day ! He will be for sale at the Forum in the Norwich Print Fair show beginning 20th January.

Monday, 7 January 2013

An image a day.....oh well!

Oh well here is one resolution I have failed at miserably already! So here are images for the

January 3rd The hound chilling out after a hectic Christmas!

January 4th time to take down the trimmings 
January 6th A Walberswick wander

January 5 th canvases ready to pack!
January 7 th my usual walk past a seat with many stories to tell !

A "hare..y" day !

Making new blocks today ready for the Forum exhibition in under two weeks! Cutting it fine as usual! Hopefully they will be dry to varnish tomorrow,another drying day on Wednesday and printed by the end of the week. Masses to do!
Slight drama too when I locked myself out of the studio! The door had swollen so much in this damp that I was pulling so hard the brass handle broke in half ( a strong Suffolk lass me!)...Hoping pliers will work until a replacement can be fitted....if not I can do no work at all....holiday perhaps?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

getting sorted!

Busy day today trying to get the New Year plan of exhibitions and events together. I always seem to end up with clusters of events no matter how organised I try to be....still it makes for an interesting life! The fun starts this Saturday with a stall at The Fisher Theatre in Bungay from 10-3pm and then on the 20th to the 24th with a Norwich Print Fair Elements Exhibition in The Forum in Norwich. I am going to be  also involved in several shows with the lovely Byard Art in Cambridge and a new venue in the Lake District in April,an Autumn show,hopefully, in Aldeburgh and something exciting at The Folk East festival in August. I am very excited too to be hopefully soon selling my work online with Made by The Hands of Britain website.
I am hoping to start the year off by showing some new work in Norwich to be  presented in a different way....better get a move on !

An image a day.....technology challenges!

An image a day for 2013
I was hoping to have a separate page on here to record this new project but it would seem I have to have a new page for each one! The thought of 365 "new pages" seems too much so instead I am going to add them as I go along here. Best laid plans eh?! So here again is the image for 
January 1st 2013

It is of the most Easterly point of the British Isles down the road at Lowestoft. It looks very lovely here but is surrounded by the hurly burly and debris of the docks and local industries....but it is still very special. The  glimpse of the first  sunrise of 2013 would be here.

January 2nd 2013
Talking of sunrises...todays was an absolute cracker! Seen from the windows of our home the colour was spectacular and full of promise. I should have heeded the saying as a very grey drizzly day followed!