Wednesday, 2 January 2013

An image a challenges!

An image a day for 2013
I was hoping to have a separate page on here to record this new project but it would seem I have to have a new page for each one! The thought of 365 "new pages" seems too much so instead I am going to add them as I go along here. Best laid plans eh?! So here again is the image for 
January 1st 2013

It is of the most Easterly point of the British Isles down the road at Lowestoft. It looks very lovely here but is surrounded by the hurly burly and debris of the docks and local industries....but it is still very special. The  glimpse of the first  sunrise of 2013 would be here.

January 2nd 2013
Talking of sunrises...todays was an absolute cracker! Seen from the windows of our home the colour was spectacular and full of promise. I should have heeded the saying as a very grey drizzly day followed!

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