Wednesday, 26 June 2013

 Thought I would give you a peek at what's been keeping me busy lately. Every now and then I have a 'small pic phase', sometimes print sometimes paint. I have been 'float-mounting these as  shown above and I'm rather pleased with them . They will be soon heading to Southwold Gallery
apart from the one above which is already on show in the wonderful Naze Tower in Walton on the Naze. One of the most unique gallery spaces ever......or do you know different?!!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Going round in circles and meeting myself round the corner!Or lacking a sense of direction!!!
It's been a strange old time. There are times when I adore beavering away in the studio, sending work off to galleries, quite happy with the dog and Radio 4 for company during the day. Sometimes,however, I think it would be so nice to actually deal with the exhibition and sale of my work actually be able to put  a face to those lovely people who choose to buy my work or to have long interesting conversations with other creative folk. Twitter and facebook sometimes help with the latter but there are times when I would love to share a studio space, to have a combined workshop gallery so folk could wander in or perhaps belong to a cooperative gallery. Would I then crave my own company? I think the answer, as with everything is a bit of both !
I wonder how other folk deal with this conundrum? I would love to hear your thoughts!
My answer so far has been to have the odd stall at local street fairs etc where I sell my giclee prints , cards etc.  The last being the Adnams Midsummer fayre in Southwold.... but...every time it has either rained , snowed, blown a gale or  as on Saturday  a lot of rain and wind! I have stood and shivered and mopped and wiped and thought THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!
I  am generally a very positive,'get-on-and-deal-with' type of person but I find myself in a bit of a doldrum trying out different ideas for working, making , selling but going round and round in circles....Hey Ho! thing I am going to do is blog! Have a lovely week !