Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Well, hello! Haven't been here for a good while and now it's New Year's Eve all over again! I really like the idea of a blog but get very confused as to what the content should be and end up not posting at all!
Should I 1.)keep it professional,just post things related to the "practising artist"part of me?
Or, 2.)keep it "art-related", things in the art world that interest me as well as number 1?
Or, 3.)should I just ramble on about everything I find interesting,have done,ups and downs,lots of references to other people's work, experiences etc and numbers 1+2?
I have come to the conclusion that this year I will endeavour to make it the kind of blog that I enjoy reading....lots of shared experiences and thoughts,obviously biased towards art but also just about life,music,wildlife,books,gardening.....So hope you will join me and please let me know of any blogs that I would find interesting and,of course,your own! It is such a big world out there and I feel I must miss out on some real goodies!
Wishing you a very happy,interesting,rewarding,joyous and memorable time as you sail through 2015!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A lovely weekend opening my studio as part of Suffolk Open Studios.The sun shone,the birds sang, and it was very heart warming to meet people who had made a special effort to visit, often from many miles away.When you are beavering away in the studio with gallery deadlines to meet it is very easy to overlook just what a wonderful working life I have! Sure,it's probably very ordinary compared to many artist's working lives and yes, there are times when working on your own can be lonely,but it occurred to me today just how lucky I am!I have my studios,set in a garden we have created over the years, dog at my feet and a working week doing what I love when and how I wish. It was when I was showing folk around, explaining how the blocks are made, showing new prints, explaining how over the years I have worked towards this point and listening to their comments that it suddenly dawned on me....How far I have come and how very fortunate I am! Lucky indeed!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

I have spent the day on Aldeburgh beach!

Hello again! It has just dawned on me that the last time I was here was January! It is now May! Where have those months gone......just a blur of working and family ups and downs!
At the moment I am busy getting work ready for a mixed show at Southwold Gallery, a mix of original paintings and prints. I am so pleased that there is a strong demand for my paintings as I'm finding them a real pick-me-up! I have always loved making detailed drawings that tell a story on the "page"so to speak, this with my other passion of watercolour has been my idea of of a good day! I was very chuffed to find a recently completed image was sold before I even had time to frame it! Happy I be!

It promises to be a busy few months.I have the Southwold show in early June,Open Studios the last two weekends of June and the delivery date for a show in the Assembly Rooms,Norwich at the end of June....rather worrying seeing it in black and white!

I am hoping to be spending more time here. Hope you like the new improved look to the blog! I am aware that I greatly enjoy reading about the studio antics of other folk but never make time to publish my own! I have become somewhat disenchanted with Facebook at the moment, not least because it consumes a large chunk of my time just browsing to no effect! So... I am to be a major blogger with a Business Facebook page and hopefully a more efficient me!!!
Time for the dog walk start to my day and then to finish the image above. Hope to see you here again soon!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A way of mixing it up!

I have been thinking of how I could combine printmaking and painting one step further. Over Christmas  I have been mulling this over and as you can see in my sketch book above things are taking shape! Initial plans are to have four small blocks arranged within a hand painted swirl of sea and fishes .....might work,then again......!