Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A way of mixing it up!

I have been thinking of how I could combine printmaking and painting one step further. Over Christmas  I have been mulling this over and as you can see in my sketch book above things are taking shape! Initial plans are to have four small blocks arranged within a hand painted swirl of sea and fishes .....might work,then again......! 


  1. looks interesting - new ideas for a new year - have a happy one :-)

    1. Happy New Year Alison! Hopefully it will work out... though I seem to be going through a spell
      where things never look how I want them to!!!!

  2. This sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing the results! :)

    My Mum was sent a card for her Birthday with one of your lovely images on :) I thought it looked familiar and was able to tell her I read your blog and point her in the direction of it :)

  3. Hi Mandy, have you tried this out yet? Love your sketch book, it looks so tidy compared to mine.