Thursday, 22 May 2014

I have spent the day on Aldeburgh beach!

Hello again! It has just dawned on me that the last time I was here was January! It is now May! Where have those months gone......just a blur of working and family ups and downs!
At the moment I am busy getting work ready for a mixed show at Southwold Gallery, a mix of original paintings and prints. I am so pleased that there is a strong demand for my paintings as I'm finding them a real pick-me-up! I have always loved making detailed drawings that tell a story on the "page"so to speak, this with my other passion of watercolour has been my idea of of a good day! I was very chuffed to find a recently completed image was sold before I even had time to frame it! Happy I be!

It promises to be a busy few months.I have the Southwold show in early June,Open Studios the last two weekends of June and the delivery date for a show in the Assembly Rooms,Norwich at the end of June....rather worrying seeing it in black and white!

I am hoping to be spending more time here. Hope you like the new improved look to the blog! I am aware that I greatly enjoy reading about the studio antics of other folk but never make time to publish my own! I have become somewhat disenchanted with Facebook at the moment, not least because it consumes a large chunk of my time just browsing to no effect! So... I am to be a major blogger with a Business Facebook page and hopefully a more efficient me!!!
Time for the dog walk start to my day and then to finish the image above. Hope to see you here again soon!


  1. I love your work and really enjoyed seeing it in the gallery when holidaying in the area in March this year.

  2. You are showing the magic of art creation. I think there may be millions of people who are maker of widgets like myself and may drop into the world of creating art. I took a cxourse recently - a free course option from on Called I think "Innovation for Entrepreneurs" and I think it would be an eye-opening course for an artist blogger. You can be even more unique. One of the things they do is paint I think it is called a business strategy canvas. One part of the canvas is defining who your customers might be.. For example could be "artist wannabes" "potential artist students" "art collectors" .. Then there are 8 other parts of the canvas. The idea is you can change who you are as a blogger and artist and person as you create something unique. Other parts of the course "Blue Ocean Strategies" ... going after customers that other people have not gone after because your business may capture a unique group or offer something unique. Anyway I am just recalling and hope you like food for thought. Remmber "MOOCs" free online courses became big in 2012. Coursera, UdaCity and Edx websites are the most popular. Art - do it your way - but try makin lots of money :)

  3. I am not an art expert but your work would be magnificent in children's books as illustrations. I don't know if you have created any childrens books but I know that you could with investigation be able to do that or work with someone. Your work is cheery, bright and pleasing to look at. Thanks for producing OUTSTANDING work!